Medical Services

Medical Services

If you would like an appointment, please visit the clinic during regular business hours:

  • Lunes/Monday: 12:30pm – 3pm and 6:00pm – 7:30pm
  • Miercoles/Wednesday: 12:30pm- 4:00pm & 6pm – 7:30pm
  • Jueves/Thursday: 10:30am – 2:30pm

 Emergency and urgent needs may be referred to one of our partner providers for immediate care.

Our Services

Clinical Care

Clinical services include adult primary care and women’s health. While adult primary care and prevention is the focus of our on-site clinical activity, we also provide monthly specialty care in the following areas: cardiology, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, physical therapy and podiatry. Telephone: 215-454-8000; Fax: 215-893-2251

Women’s Health

Women’s health at Puentes de Salud provides routine GYN care including prenatal care, cervical cancer screening and mammogram referrals, STI screening and treatment, pregnancy tests, contraceptive initiation and surveillance. We also provide evaluation for common gyn issues and are a Healthy Woman provider site.

Diabetes Management

Puentes de Salud has developed an innovative diabetes management program that spans from the clinic to the community. A registry of diabetic patients at Puentes de Salud helps providers track patients’ regular laboratory tests and their receipt of appropriate medicines and services. Puentes de Salud offers all diabetic patients individual counseling with a nurse educator that covers the principles of sugar monitoring at home, dietary modification, physical activity and weight management.

Dental Care

In partnership with Penn Dental Medicine, our Dental Suite welcomes Penn Dental faculty and students who provide oral health education and diagnostic, preventive, restorative and surgical dental care in our three-chair dental facility. Our dental team also provides expedited referrals for specialty dental care at Penn Dental. For appointments, please walk in to the dental suite, Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. All appointments are scheduled on-site at Puentes.

Promotora Program

Since 2007, Puentes de Salud has been cultivating and supporting a dedicated group of community members who serve as community health workers, or promotoras, in South Philadelphia. The program began in an effort to increase Puentes de Salud’s reach into the community and to tackle important health issues outside the clinic where individuals need direct support with lifestyle decisions. The promotoras address a wide range of issues in the service of their community, including diabetes prevention, cervical cancer prevention, prenatal care, obesity, vaccination, and nutrition. They lead workshops, contribute to clinic services, and provide individual counseling and patient navigation. The Promotora Program exemplifies the mission and dedication of the staff and volunteers at Puentes de Salud.