Medical Care

Since its founding, Puentes de Salud has responded to an important and previously unmet need in the Philadelphia Latinx community—the demand for low-cost, high-quality, culturally-sensitive primary care services. The medical care at Puentes de Salud is offered in collaboration with local institutions, universities and volunteer providers. Clinical services include adult primary care, women’s health, and monthly specialty care.
  • Clinical Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Comenzando Bien Prenatal Education
  • Diabetes Management


Wellness is an integral part of maintaining social, physical and mental well-being. We aim to address community wellness through community outreach and engagement, development, partnerships and wellness services. Our Medical-Legal Partnership and Behavioral Health services aim to provide the community with evidence-based approaches to empowerment and social issues while our Art and Culture and Puentes Yoga initiatives support fitness, mindfulness and cultural revitalization.

  • Promotora Program
  • Medical-Legal Partnership
  • Behavioral Health
  • Charla Program
  • Puentes Yoga
  • Art & Culture


At Puentes de Salud, we believe that a comprehensive strategy to promote wellness in any community must also target the social determinants of health. Our educational programs for community members serve as a vehicle for improving not only our community’s health literacy, but also tackling the social and environmental conditions that strongly impact their health.

  • Children’s Education
  • Adolescent Education
  • Adult Education
  • Higher Education