Since 2008, Puentes de Salud has served a vulnerable population of over 9,000 Latinx immigrants in the Philadelphia area. Many of the individuals and families we serve are restaurant and labor industry workers who are currently laid-off and experiencing severe food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

By becoming a Puentes Emergency Food Relief Family Supporter, you will enable us to provide a family with food and basic necessities. 100% of your contribution goes directly to serving families in need.


Where are families located?

  1. Philadelphia County (all regions of city) – 75%
  2. Delaware County (Upper Darby, Lansdowne) – 20%
  3. Montgomery County (Norristown, Lansdale) – 5%

What do the data show?

In the first week of the shutdowns, we began calling patients and families in our constituency and are conducting an ongoing community rapid-needs assessment. After each conversation, we assign each family a food insecurity score on a scale from 1-5, with 1 representing low food insecurity and 5 representing extreme food insecurity. As of April 19, 2020, we have surveyed a total of 1,022 families. Of 629 families surveyed, 70% were assessed at a 3 out of 5 or higher in terms of food insecurity, with 25% rated as significantly or extremely food insecure; 80% of families were assessed at a 3 out of 5 or higher in terms of economic insecurity, with 40% rated as significantly or extremely economically insecure. 

Furthermore, 57% of families have lost all sources of income. As none of the individuals with whom we work qualify for unemployment benefits and/or the federal stimulus package, individuals both need and deserve emergency assistance. Read our most recent community assessment: COVID-19 Rapid Needs Scan 4.19.20


Number of Puentes families in the Philadelphia region who need food assistance


How we connect families with food and supplies:

  1.     We work directly with the family to assess needs and to connect them with all available school district and city food sites. 
  2.   For many, this is still not enough, we then work to connect the family with a local partner, such as SEAMAAC or Old Pine Community Center. Many families are able to access these sites on foot or via their own car. 
  3.   Some families are unable to leave their homes to access city or school food due to testing positive for COVID-19 and/or showing strong symptoms, other medical conditions, disability, and/or lack of transportation. In these cases, we work with our dedicated network of volunteers to pick up and deliver supplies to families throughout the region. 
A sample basket for a family of 6 includes: 

Canned Fruit – 4 

Canned Beans – 4 

Grain (pasta or rice) – 2 

Sauce –  2

Canned Soup – 6

Snack – 4  

Breakfast Item – 3

Canned Meat – 6

Spices – 3

Cleaning Supplies (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent, clorox, etc.) – 2

Supplemental items (fresh produce, milk, eggs & meat) – 1 of each  


Examples of what donated amounts can provide for a family:

–      $15/week helps provide the equivalent of 8 canned items and a small selection of fresh produce/eggs/or milk.

–   $30/week helps provide the equivalent of 14 canned items, 2 grains, 2 cleaning products, and a small selection of fresh produce/eggs/or milk.

–      $50/week helps us connect a family of 2 people with 1 food basket to last the week.

–      $65/ week helps us connect a family of 4 people with 1 food basket to last the week.

–      $80/week helps us connect a family of 6 people with 1 food basket to last the week.

About our emergency-relief work:

Puentes is collaborating with several local partners and organizations to get these supplies to families. We are supporting primarily food access, in addition to other basic supplies like diapers and personal hygiene products.  

We are continually developing and evaluating our emergency relief efforts and are in constant communication with our partners and local food distribution sites, including The School District of Philadelphia, Southwark School, Old Pine Community Center, SEAMAAC, The Upper Darby Food Pantry. 

We are heartened to share that our community is joining forces on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic with Old Pine Community Center in Philadelphia. The small non-profit Community Center on the corner of 4th and Lombard shares Puentes’ vision of fostering wellness and empowerment creating spaces for communities to thrive and through providing essential life-affirming services. In response to the growing number of people experiencing food insecurity as a result of Coronavirus, Old Pine Community Center is expanding their Feeding Program services and we are able to refer many of our families.

To see our other emergency relief work: http://www.puentesdesalud.org/covid-19/

To see our medical relief efforts: http://www.puentesdesalud.org/services/medical-and-dental/