Welcome to Puentes de Salud

Puentes de Salud (Bridges of Health) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes the health and wellness of Philadelphia’s rapidly growing Latinx immigrant population through high-quality health care, innovative educational programs, and community building.

About Puentes de Salud

Puentes de Salud is founded on the principles of Social Determinants of Health and Social Justice. We believe that community health, wellness, and empowerment result from a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to address the conditions in which we grow, learn, live, work, and age. These conditions influence an individual’s quality of life and the development of the community as a whole. Puentes de Salud aims to improve community and individual health and wellness not only by providing immediate services, but also by acknowledging and challenging embedded social inequalities and injustices.

Puentes de Salud works in partnership with community members, local public schools, universities, governmental institutions, and other nonprofit organizations to address the adverse structural, economic, and social conditions that profoundly affect the prosperity of this community. At Puentes de Salud we are challenging the idea that deep and long-standing inequalities are acceptable realities within our society. We are not only re-imagining but also fostering an environment in which our vision of equitable access to health care, education, and empowerment exists.

We are currently closed due to COVID-19 and continue to serve our community via telehealth and emergency relief services.

A note from our Executive Director:

Since the implementation of efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 began, our staff, providers, and volunteers have worked hard to rework our systems of health care, educational support, and social services to the community. In the context of the closure of our clinic, we are facing a budget shortfall of up to 20% in the near term. Despite this, we are implementing the use of telemedicine to continue providing crucial healthcare services to our patients. We are also contacting all of the families connected to our educational, arts, and wellness programs to assess their urgent and long-term needs.

This situation is evolving daily, and with the recent closing of all nonessential businesses, many members of our community who rely on our local restaurant community as their source of livelihood have been deeply impacted. Despite emergency relief efforts to support service-industry workers, many of these critical financial resources are inaccessible to undocumented workers.

As community need will be substantial and ongoing, our work as healthcare providers, community advocates, and educators will be critical in ameliorating the effects of this crisis in the years to come. We are working tirelessly in our community emergency relief efforts and to ensure our organization will have sufficient resources to continue providing essential services to our community long-term.

If you would like to make a donation to support Puentes as we develop our community emergency relief efforts please visit: www.puentesdesalud.org/donate.

Sending my deepest gratitude to you during this time.

Steven Larson, MD