Promotora Program

Since 2007, Puentes de Salud has been cultivating and supporting a dedicated group of community members who serve as community health workers, or promotoras, in South Philadelphia. The program began in an effort to increase Puentes de Salud’s reach into the community and to tackle important health issues outside the clinic where individuals need direct support with lifestyle decisions. The promotoras address a wide range of issues in the service of their community, including diabetes prevention, cervical cancer prevention, prenatal care, obesity, and nutrition. They lead workshops, provide individual counseling and patient navigation, and participate in research. The Promotora Program exemplifies the mission and dedication of the staff and volunteers at Puentes de Salud. Read the article that appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer profiling their work.

Diabetes Prevention Program

Group classes provided by Puentes de Salud Promotoras include the DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ (GLB) Program. This comprehensive lifestyle behavior change program was adapted from the National Institutes of Health funded Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a successful lifestyle intervention intended to prevent the progression to diabetes among participants with a diagnosis of prediabetes. The DPP Group Lifestyle Balance™ program is an approved curriculum for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program, an award Puentes de Salud received in August of 2015.

Healthy Heart Program – Pasos Adelante

Pasos Adelante for the prevention of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in Latino populations – focus on physical activity and nutrition promotion. Pasos Adelante goal is to reduce chronic disease risk factors among participants. Puentes de Salud Promotoras use an adaptation of the Pasos Adelante/Steps Forward curriculum, an expansion of the National Institutes of Health curriculum, Su Corazón, Su Vida. In this program, walking groups engage participants in a coordinated effort to increase physical activity through social support. Pasos Adelante evaluation results demonstrate a significant increase in moderate to vigorous walking among participants and shifts in nutritional patterns.

Program Director: Dr. Sara Shuman  |  DPP / Pasos Adelante Manager: Dr. Victor Alos

Contact: Email: |  Phone: (484) 800-1285


Charla Program

This program features weekly discussions, or charlas, on a wide range of topics, led by volunteers in the clinic waiting room. The charlas are intended to educate community members about health-related topics such as diabetes prevention, hypertension, and bone health. The program also covers topics that are not specifically focused on medical issues, but that play an important role in community health, such as immigrants’ rights, bike safety, sun protection and food stamp eligibility. Representatives of partnering organizations help present many of the nonmedical discussions, and refer Puentes de Salud’s patients to the services they provide.