Welcome to Puentes de Salud

Puentes de Salud (Bridges of Health) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes the health and wellness of Philadelphia’s rapidly growing Latinx immigrant population through high-quality health care, innovative educational programs, and community building.

Important Announcement

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have decided to close our clinic and all services at Puentes de Salud until further notice.

UPDATE March 24th: For information regarding medical appointments see our Medical Services page: www.puentesdesalud.org/services/medical-and-dental/

For information regarding legal topics see our wellness page: http://www.puentesdesalud.org/services/wellness-education/

Clinic patients may call our clinic phone number 215-454-8000 to leave a message and a provider will return their call as soon as possible.


Anuncio importante: Debido a la pandemia del coronavirus (COVID-19), aquí, en Puentes de Salud, hemos decidido cerrar nuestra clínica de salud y todos nuestros servicios hasta nuevo aviso.  Estaremos actualizando y compartiendo la información que tengamos para mantenerlos informados.

Actualización del 24 de marzo: Para mas información sobre consultas de la clínica por favor visiten nuestra pagina de Servicios Medicos: www.puentesdesalud.org/services/medical-and-dental/

para mas información sobre temas legales por favor visiten nuestra pagina de bienestar: http://www.puentesdesalud.org/services/wellness-education/

Todos los pacientes de la clínica que tengan preguntas, por favor llamen al 215-454-8000 y dejen un mensaje. Los llamáremos de la clínica lo más pronto que nos sea posible.

About Puentes de Salud


Puentes de Salud is founded on the principles of Social Determinants of Health and Social Justice. We believe that community health, wellness, and empowerment result from a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to address the conditions in which we grow, learn, live, work, and age. These conditions influence an individual’s quality of life and the development of the community as a whole. Puentes de Salud aims to improve community and individual health and wellness not only by providing immediate services, but also by acknowledging and challenging embedded social inequalities and injustices.

Puentes de Salud works in partnership with community members, local public schools, universities, governmental institutions, and other nonprofit organizations to address the adverse structural, economic, and social conditions that profoundly affect the prosperity of this community. At Puentes de Salud we are challenging the idea that deep and long-standing inequalities are acceptable realities within our society. We are not only re-imagining but also fostering an environment in which our vision of equitable access to health care, education, and empowerment exists.