• Puentes de Salud opens a new health and wellness center for the South Philadelphia Latino Immigrant Community. Image by Mark Stehle


Welcome to Puentes de Salud

Puentes de Salud (Bridges of Health) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that promotes the health and wellness of South Philadelphia’s rapidly growing Latino immigrant population through high-quality health care, innovative educational programs, and community building.

Puentes de Salud is founded on the principles of social determinants of health and social justice. We believe that community heath, wellness, and empowerment result from a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to address the conditions in which we grow, learn, live, work, and age. These conditions influence an individual’s quality of life and the development of the community as a whole. Puentes de Salud aims to improve community and individual health and wellness not only by providing immediate services, but also by acknowledging and challenging imbedded social inequalities and injustices. Puentes de Salud works in partnership with community members, local public schools, universities, governmental institutions, and other nonprofit organizations to address the adverse structural, economic, and social conditions that face our vibrant yet vulnerable, economically disadvantaged community.

Recent News

  • Puentes de Salud: A Clinic That Bridges, Curates and Empowers

    When discussing the beginnings of Puentes de Salud (Bridges to Health), Dr. Steven Larson, an emergency physician at the University of Pennsylvania, tells the story of treating a 17-year-old gunshot victim in his emergency room. Operating in a community with so many underserved individuals, he wondered what had systematically gone wrong to produce such an outcome. More importantly, what could he, as a medical professional, do to solve these problems?

  • What if you were able to cure a disease before someone even caught it? Now imagine doing that on a larger scale -- for an entire community of people who lack access to medical resources, including basic supplies like bandages for even the most minor of injuries. What would health care look like if you could eliminate the problem at its source?

  • Puentes de Salud is the 2015 winner of the Hispanic Choice Awards Community Advocate of the Year!

    Thank you to all of our nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, and all volunteers and staff for the amazing work you do. Thank you to the community for your trust and commitment. Thank you to all of our supporters for believing in our cause. We dedicate this award to all documented and undocumented immigrants who are fighting for basic human rights.




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